Asia-Pacific animator Michael Walker visits CLC Korea

Michael Walker from CLC Australia and Agnes Shin from CLC Korea are two of the five members of the Asia-Pacific animating team. The other three are Theresa Wang (Taiwan), Daphne Ho (Hong Kong) and Greg “Rios” Tjai (Indonesia). The animating team’s mandate is to promote links and cooperation between National Communities in the region between Assemblies. They meet every couple of months via Skype.

On 24 July Michael was in Seoul and visited the CLC Korea Secretariat where he was greeted by Agnes and other members of CLC Korea. The President was unavailable because she was of course in Buenos Aires attending the World General Assembly!

Michael spoke about CLC Australia’s common apostolic mission, to promote and offer the First Spiritual Exercises, and presented a copy of the First Spiritual Exercises book by Michael Hansen SJ.

Agnes spoke about activities undertaken by CLC Korea including weekly lectures and annual immersion programs where young people are given the opportunity to experience nature. The collage Agnes is showing Michael here is last year’s nature immersion in Nepal; this year a much larger group will travel to Mongolia.

CLC Korea have expressed their willingness to host the next Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly in 2019 so we can expect to see more of this meeting room next year!

AYD 2017 facilitation


CLC was privileged to be invited to facilitate a two hour workshop session at the Asian Youth Day in Yogyakarta. AYD participants had 15 topics to choose from, many focused on challenges of multiculturalism, others focusing on morality issues such as corruption, drugs and abortion. The speakers were chosen by the AYD organisers; CLC’s role was to provide an experience of discernment following the presentations.

CLC on our own did not have enough people to cover all the sessions so we were joined by members of the Focolare Movement.

We provided our service to the event which went smoothly. In the evening we reflected on the experience. There was some disappointment in some of the workshops where we did not get the opportunity to break into small groups for discussion and sharing (one was simply too large, with 280 people). On the whole participants felt it was a good experience but not as good as we hoped and that CLC should decide on the merits whether to participate in the next AYD or whether we would be better to bring Asia-Pacific communities together for some other initiative.

The gathering continued in Yogyakarta as we moved into the youth workshop phase.

The story of the CLC-AYD logo

The theme of the Asian Youth Day is “Living the gospel joyfully in a multicultural Asia”.

The theme has been adapted for the CLC group into the ‘United in Diversity’ design above.

The logo was designed by Yunita Chen who is a CLC member from the city of Bandung and also a graphic designer.

It combines the official AYD style with the CLC logo and elements of traditional Javanese culture. The background shape which looks like a bishop’s mitre is a gunungan, a screen used in Javanese puppet plays.

Yunita is attending the AYD workshop and is pictured below with Gregorius from CLC Indonesia.

World CLC President Mauricio Lopez visits the region

Mau visits Korea 2

On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of CLC, CLC Korea invited the world CLC president Mauricio Lopez to commemorate and remember the journey of CLC. He visited us from March 6th to 9th, having a graceful time with members in CLC Korea.

In a meeting with the members, he shared the meaning of the Golden Jubilee of CLC, CLC identity and leadership as well as the Amazon project. He also visited the CLC Hope School in Yongin.

With his visit and inspiration, CLC Korea could deepen its identity as one world lay apostolic body, widening its perspective on the world and enjoying inner dynamics.

Mau visits Korea 1


Ignatian spirituality in film 2016

2016 has been a cinematic treat for followers of Ignatian spirituality.

June saw the release of the crowd-funded Philippines-produced Ignacio de Loyola which portrays the life of St Ignatius up until his investigation by the Spanish Inquisition, covering the development of his main ideas in the Spiritual Exercises.

In December, Martin Scorsese’s film adaptation of the 1966 novel Silence premiered. It is a historical fiction movie about Jesuit missionaries in Japan. The title refers to God’s apparent silence in the face of the persecuted Christians’ suffering. The film is due to be released in the Asia-Pacific in coming months, with the following dates confirmed so far:

  • 21 Jan   Japan
  • 16 Feb   Australia, Singapore
  • 17 Feb   Taiwan

Australia accepts godparenting request of New Zealand

CLC Australia has accepted the request of the Ignatian groups in CLC to be their ‘godparent’ as they discern whether they wish to apply for recognition by World CLC as a new national community. Simon McLellan from New Zealand has attended the Asia-Pacific Assembly in 2015 and the Australian National Assembly in 2016 as an observer.

The latter coincided with Simon’s birthday so the Australian CLC community made sure it was celebrated (CLC Australia also marked its 40th birthday at this Assembly – read more on their website).

CLC attends UN DPI-NGO Conference in Korea


CLC is recognised at the United Nations as a global NGO. 14 members of CLC Korea participated in the annual UN NGO Conference from 30 May – 1 June 2016. The theme was “Education for Global Citizenship”. In addition to learning about the work of other groups the participating members had the opportunity to present about CLC Korea’s CLC Hope School common mission project in a workshop session titled “See the Unseen: The Inclusion of Marginalized Groups”.


Asian Youth Day 2017 details announced


The next Asian Youth Day will be held in Yogyakarta on Indonesia’s main island of Java.

It will run from 30 July to 6 August 2017 and the theme is “Joyful Asian Youth: Living the Gospel in Multicultural Asia”.

More details can be found on the official site:

You can also stay updated on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

CLC’s participation in AYD is confirmed; we will be running formation activities.

Formation Day in Macau

On 11/16-18, 2015, more than 20 members of CLC Macao joined a formation program lead by Ingrid Kao – former president of CLC Taiwan.  Our Charism was introduced to CLC Macao for 3 nights.  It was the first time that the members of 3 groups leaned about DSSE.  At the end of the program, most of the members showed their willing to follow the way of life of CLC.

In supporting CLC Macao, Fr. Beda Liu, S.J., and members of AP Team, Daphne Ho and Theresa Wang also attended the program one night each.  A member of Macao regarded it as an experience of St. Paul of the Early Church.

For all the graces we received, thanks be to God.  Please keep CLC Macao in your prayers.

CLC AP Regional Assembly in Taiwan

Let us extend our continuous support and prayer for the preparation of CLC Asia Pacific Regional Assembly.

This Regional Assembly will be held in Taiwan on Thursday, 29th of January to Sunday, 1st of February 2105.


“This Assembly comes at an important time for CLC, the Church and us all.   There is little need to recall the growing presence of our Church in the Asia-Pacific region.  In addition, CLC (through the world Exco) is seeking to establish a clearer identity and role for CLC at the regional levels.   Finally, the interests of younger people must be a high priority for us being in a global region with such a high proportion of younger people.  Especially, we are interested in bringing the special gift and graces of CLC to youth in our world today.”

Chris Hogan

Exco Consultor and Exco A-P link