2012 World CLC Day Celebration in Srilanka

The Christian life community is a way of life.  Those who have received Baptism come together and live under the light of Christ and on the guidance of the Holy Spirit also they imitate the way of our Mother Mary.  With that they live as an Apostolic Community.

St.Ignatius of Loyola the founder of the congregation of Jesuits and as well as our patron saint of Trincomalle Batticaloa  diocese in Srilanka. He is  one of the grates man who worked when the church was went down in the 15th century.

CLC Srilanka March 2012

In 1551, when the Roman College  started by St.Ignatius of Loyola,  St.John Lunies joined at this school by the intention of becoming a Jesuit Priest.  He had a group with 7 friends who lived together in one mind and heart and shared with each other and led a life as an early Christians. In that world famous College, this group did an Apostolic actions.  Then this group was approved by the Pope as a Community of Solidarity of Our Lady.   So this same community is functioning now as a Christian Life Community.

The solidarity  of Our Lady,  with the experience of Christ centered prayer and the spirit of discernment, interior freedom, deep faith, sharing and doing the retreats on the spirituality of St.Ignatius of Loyola.  In this way they move forward till 1773.  There after they faced many trials and challenges. After 1854 they began to bloom in their Christian way of life.  In 1953 it has declared as first world council.  Archbishop Joseph cowlina was appointed as a spiritual director for this council by the Pope Pius the 7th.

Regarding change the name of the community of our Lady into another, discussed during the World council in 1964.  In 1967, during world council in Mumbai, discussed and accepted to change the name and the General Principle and then send it to the pope for the approval.

25th of March 1968, Pope Paul the 6th, announced the new name ‘ CHRISTIAN LIFE COMMUNITY’ ‘ and let it in trial for 3 years.  Then 31st 0f May 1971.He announced this name as permanent mane.

In a worldwide,  this community, celebrate their world day on the 25th of March also in this particular day, St.Ignatius of Loyola made his retreat in the Manresa cave and he wrote a spiritual exercises of retreat script.  It’s a God’s blessings too.  In November last year, the members of the Council came together and they announced the theme for this year.


The theme was announced it and all the members are putting it in to parties.  There are three steps for the membership is given below.

  • Community membership animated by the Holy Spirit.

In early stage, with the help of the Holy Spirit, recognize the call for Christian Life Community.   (It’s a limited period )

  •  Community membership and Charity.

The member of the Christian Life Community, first understand him/her self and accept the call for Christian life Community and make temporary commitment for certain period and to do charity work for the poor and needy.

  •  Community of membership on mission to the needy.

The experience he/she received during the period of the temporary commitment, they can discern and then can take the final decision and make the final commitment.  There after they can insert themselves into the apostolic mission.

the theme for this year calls each and every member of the Christian Life Community, has to realize these steps and through discernment, come to know themselves and every community in the world take this in to consideration and renew as a community, cluster, diocese, regionally  and internationally.

S. Pathmanathan



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