World Assembly XVI 2013 Lebanon

Theme WA CLC 2013

With this theme, we intend to bridge the time from our inception as a lay Ignatian community till the
present time – and our 450th anniversary – which we will celebrate in 2013.

We will reflect on the
journey we have traveled together, especially since Itaici 1998, during which we confirmed our identity as a lay apostolic body.

In addition, we affirm and explore our desire to respond to the signs
of the time, ready to cross borders and touch new frontiers.

Prayer for our Lebanon Assembly

Heavenly Father, you offer us Jesus, your Beloved Son, and ask us to
listen to Him.  In response to this gift, we the members of the
Christian Life Community commit ourselves to following Jesus more
closely and working with Him to build your Kingdom.

O Lord, our World Assembly at Lebanon is part of a long and rich
history which you have bequeathed to us.  Today, your Spirit invites
us to be present at the ever changing frontiers of faith and justice.
Relying on the intercession of the Virgin Mary Our Lady of Lebanon and
St. Ignatius, we seek to deepen our identity and act effectively as a
Lay Apostolic Body in the Church.  May your love and grace empower us
along this journey.

O God of Love, we ask your Blessings of Peace upon the whole world and
especially upon the region of the Middle East.  Illuminate the hearts
of your children; free us from all bitterness and strife; guide our
steps along the paths of Peace.

Almighty God, we entrust our CLC World Assembly to your loving
providence.  Eternal Father, confirm us. Eternal Son, confirm us,
Eternal Spirit, confirm us.  Most Holy Trinity, confirm us.

Jesuit Network with migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean: Migrants,an urgent call by God for justice and hospitality

An RJM-LAC press release on 18 December 2012

In commemoration of International Migrants Day, the works of the Society of  Jesus, members of Jesuit Network with migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean (RJM-LAC), issue a message of solidarity and hope to the 214 million migrant brothers and sisters in the world. Despite the valuable contributions migrants make to their new host societies and countries of origin, a significant number of them are forced to live in vulnerable circumstances, without international protection from human rights violations. Continue reading

2012 World CLC Day Celebration in Korea

From March 24 to 25, CLC Korea held its annual National Assembly and the world CLC Day mass and celebration happily experiencing communal aspect of CLC.

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2012 World CLC Day Celebration in Srilanka

The Christian life community is a way of life.  Those who have received Baptism come together and live under the light of Christ and on the guidance of the Holy Spirit also they imitate the way of our Mother Mary.  With that they live as an Apostolic Community.

St.Ignatius of Loyola the founder of the congregation of Jesuits and as well as our patron saint of Trincomalle Batticaloa  diocese in Srilanka. He is  one of the grates man who worked when the church was went down in the 15th century.
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A Video Sharing from CLC United States

A video sharing from CLC US, I think this mostly describe our community.

YCLC – Happy St. Ignatius Day

Youth CLC promotion – Ignatian Day 2011

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