CLC AP Regional Assembly in Taiwan

Let us extend our continuous support and prayer for the preparation of CLC Asia Pacific Regional Assembly.

This Regional Assembly will be held in Taiwan on Thursday, 29th of January to Sunday, 1st of February 2105.


“This Assembly comes at an important time for CLC, the Church and us all.   There is little need to recall the growing presence of our Church in the Asia-Pacific region.  In addition, CLC (through the world Exco) is seeking to establish a clearer identity and role for CLC at the regional levels.   Finally, the interests of younger people must be a high priority for us being in a global region with such a high proportion of younger people.  Especially, we are interested in bringing the special gift and graces of CLC to youth in our world today.”

Chris Hogan

Exco Consultor and Exco A-P link



Proficiat: AP CLC preparation meeting for Asian Youth Day


AP CLC is preparing to contribute to the Asian Youth Day Program.

Daphne Ho, from CLC HK shared some of the pictures in CLC AP Links Facebook Group.

Lent Retreat: Moved to Greater Love


Moved to Greater Love, a 9-week Lenten/Easter digital prayer experience beginning on Sunday, March 2 and concluding on Sunday, May 4. Each evening you will receive an email with a link to the following day’s prayer and reflection.

The nine U.S. Jesuit provincials who conceived of Moved to Greater Love describe it as “an invitation to magnanimity, silence, creativity and depth, calling all to consider how God’s love burns away fear and open us up to respond generously and wholeheartedly.”

The program is named for a phrase regarding spiritual graces from the Memoriale of Saint Peter Faber, a companion of Saint Ignatius Loyola and one of the early Jesuits. If you have additional questions regarding Moved to Greater Love, please visit www.Jesuits.org/greaterlove or email mtgl@jesuits.org.

The Weekly Francis Archive



The Weekly Francis ebook is a compilation of the Holy Father’s writings, speeches, etc which I pull from the Vatican’s web site. Each week I publish links for “The Weekly Francis” at Jimmy Akin’s blog along with links to the latest ebook.

This page is intended as an archive of all the weekly volumes of The Weekly Francis that I have published.

Also in this archive are links to all of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and the volumes of “The Weekly Benedict”

The ebooks are available in two formats:

  • ePub – Used by many devices including Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
  • mobi – Used by Amazon’s Kindle

Omnibus Edition: In addition to The Weekly Francis volumes listed below I am also maintaining an Omnibus edition that contains all of Pope Francis writings, speeches, etc.

World ExCo team

world exco teamA picture of our World ExCo Team.


(Source: Facebook page of Pathmanathan Selvarasa from Sri Lanka)

World CLC Day: Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung, 7 April 2013

We started with exercising Contemplation Prayer, and with a Mass.

Briefing for a further discussion on Projects 154 took place, along with a short story of the history of lay Ignatian Community.

Here’s a snap shot of our CLC member young at heart  in their age of 20’s, 30’s, 50’s, 60’s.


Warm regards from our local community !

Happy Passover

Happy Passover everyone! If you curious on how to greet people in various country just read more…
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Celebration of World CLC Day in HK



A Guide to Jesuit Leadership and Ignatian Spirituality

Ignatian spirituality1

A Guide to Jesuit Leadership and Ignatian Spirituality
A Guide to Jesuit Leadership and Ignatian Spirituality The selections in this free ebook sampler offer insight and perspective on the Jesuit principles that shaped Pope Francis, the first Jesuit elected to lead the world’s Catholics. From understanding the foundational pillars of Jesuit leadership to learning the essential elements of Ignatian spirituality, each book in this sampler offers a glimpse into the formative principles of our new Pope and the spiritual genius of St. Ignatius Loyola.Enrich your life by downloading this free sampler, including chapters from:Heroic Leadership by Chris Lowney
Just Call Me López by Margaret Silf
The Ignatian Adventure by Kevin O’Brien, SJ
A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer by Jim Manney
A Friendship Like No Other by William A. Barry, SJ
The Ignatian Workout by Tim Muldoon
What Is Ignatian Spirituality? by David L. Fleming, SJ

Download here

Habemus Papam

(an article from Ignatian Spirituality network)

During his time as a Cardinal in Argentina he became known as a bold voice for social justice in the Church.  It has been reported by many sources that as Cardinal he chose to use public transportation in an effort to live simply and also brought attention to many injustices in Argentina over the years.

Clearly, as time moves forward there will be much to learn about Pope Francis, but for the time being we thought we would share a few quotes that represent the importance the social mission of the Church has played in his ministry:

Speaking of contrast between the economically rich and poor, “Poor people who are persecuted for demanding work, and rich people who are applauded for fleeing from justice”.  -August 2001 Speaking at the church dedicated to San Cayetano, the patron saint of work and bread (SOURCE: BBC News) Continue reading