Sede vacante, let us pray for the conclave


A reflection on Pope’s resignation.

Fr. James Martin SJ from Huffington Post Magazine

(reflection by Dani Pranoto, a CLC’ers living in Perth, Australia)

Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II reached entirely different conclusions to the same question: Should an ailing pope resign?
For John Paul, the image of the suffering, sick pope was of spiritual value to his flock; for Benedict, the job needed to be done. Discernment is always very personal; and it is important to see how two holy men reached two entirely different decisions.

God speaks differently to different people facing the same question. In the lives of the saints, for example, we often see how the same situation is handled differently by different saints. When St. Francis of Assisi was facing a painful malady of the eyes, brought on, doctors thought, by excessive tears during Mass, St. Francis decided that he would continue as he had with attending Mass. When St. Ignatius faced similar problems with his eyes, the physicians warned him, he decided to curtail his devotions, in order to have sufficient health to do his work. Both were responding to what they felt were God’s promptings in their lives.

The Pope also shows great spiritual freedom in his resignation, what St. Ignatius calls a freedom from “disordered attachments.” Rare is the person today who can relinquish such power, voluntarily.

(as written in Dani P Notes)

Happy Valentine (to those chooses to celebrate)

what’s the meaning of Valentine’s day in today’s world?

As far as i am concerned … it has to do with something that is so generously (or overused) term : LOVE.

It’s  interesting to hear the elaboration of St. Thomas Aquinas’ description of LOVE : “the effective willing of the good of the other”


Some of the point …Love is first of all, a Choice, an act of the will …

Love is not a feeling, it’s something that we do 🙂

Love is first and foremost, for the good of other.


In other word : love is choosing to do for the best for the other person, and acting to make that real for them.


St. Ignatius also tells us, “Love is shown more in deeds than in words”

Have a lovely Valentine …


Starting up this year’s Lent Season

Ash Wednesday Symbol

“I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you; therefore I despise myself, and repent in dust and ashes.”Job 42:6-5

In this special moment of reflections and repentance


wishing all of us to be able

to see Him more  clearly,

to follow Him more nearly,

and to love Him more dearly


Happy Chinese New Year

For those who celebrates,


On the celebration of Spring festival,

let us hope for the God’s grace on all seasons

to help us grow Community, Spirituality and Mission

Happy Chinese New Year!

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christmas 2012





Dear CLC people around the globe …

Merry Christmas  !

May we be as disponible as the Shepperd and knowledgeable as the Magi 🙂