Asian Youth Day 2017 details announced


The next Asian Youth Day will be held in Yogyakarta on Indonesia’s main island of Java.

It will run from 30 July to 6 August 2017 and the theme is “Joyful Asian Youth: Living the Gospel in Multicultural Asia”.

More details can be found on the official site:

You can also stay updated on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

CLC’s participation in AYD is confirmed; we will be running formation activities.

CLC AP Regional Assembly in Taiwan

Let us extend our continuous support and prayer for the preparation of CLC Asia Pacific Regional Assembly.

This Regional Assembly will be held in Taiwan on Thursday, 29th of January to Sunday, 1st of February 2105.


“This Assembly comes at an important time for CLC, the Church and us all.   There is little need to recall the growing presence of our Church in the Asia-Pacific region.  In addition, CLC (through the world Exco) is seeking to establish a clearer identity and role for CLC at the regional levels.   Finally, the interests of younger people must be a high priority for us being in a global region with such a high proportion of younger people.  Especially, we are interested in bringing the special gift and graces of CLC to youth in our world today.”

Chris Hogan

Exco Consultor and Exco A-P link



Proficiat: AP CLC preparation meeting for Asian Youth Day


AP CLC is preparing to contribute to the Asian Youth Day Program.

Daphne Ho, from CLC HK shared some of the pictures in CLC AP Links Facebook Group.

Happy Passover

Happy Passover everyone! If you curious on how to greet people in various country just read more…
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Happy Valentine (to those chooses to celebrate)

what’s the meaning of Valentine’s day in today’s world?

As far as i am concerned … it has to do with something that is so generously (or overused) term : LOVE.

It’s  interesting to hear the elaboration of St. Thomas Aquinas’ description of LOVE : “the effective willing of the good of the other”


Some of the point …Love is first of all, a Choice, an act of the will …

Love is not a feeling, it’s something that we do 🙂

Love is first and foremost, for the good of other.


In other word : love is choosing to do for the best for the other person, and acting to make that real for them.


St. Ignatius also tells us, “Love is shown more in deeds than in words”

Have a lovely Valentine …


Starting up this year’s Lent Season

Ash Wednesday Symbol

“I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you; therefore I despise myself, and repent in dust and ashes.”Job 42:6-5

In this special moment of reflections and repentance


wishing all of us to be able

to see Him more  clearly,

to follow Him more nearly,

and to love Him more dearly


Happy Chinese New Year

For those who celebrates,


On the celebration of Spring festival,

let us hope for the God’s grace on all seasons

to help us grow Community, Spirituality and Mission

Happy Chinese New Year!

christmas 2012





Dear CLC people around the globe …

Merry Christmas  !

May we be as disponible as the Shepperd and knowledgeable as the Magi 🙂

Australian National Assembly 13-15 July 2012

Hello all,

CLC Australia is having its National Assembly this weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

31 Australian delegates are present, and we’re blessed to have been joined by Ms Je Ching, Asia-Pacific Co-ordinator, and Fr Luke Rodrigues, World Vice EA.  We also have two observers from New Zealand.

Please pray for us as we reflect on the last 4 years, set directions for the coming four years, and elect a new NEXCO.


Fr Robin

Mengenal Soegija lebih dekat



Soegija, merupakan panggilan akrab tokoh yang lahir di Solo, yang pada agustus 1931 menjadi iman Katolik dan pada 6  November 1940, ia ditahbiskan sebagai Uskup pribumi Indonesia pertama untuk Vikaris Apostolik Semarang oleh Mgr. Willekens, SJ. (Vikaris Apostolik Batavia), Mgr. AJE Albers,O.Carm (Vikaris Apostolik Malang) dan Mgr. HM Mekkelholt, SCJ (Vikaris Apostolik Palembang).

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