CLC World Day Celebration

Celebration of World CLC Day in HK



2012 World CLC Day Celebration in Korea

From March 24 to 25, CLC Korea held its annual National Assembly and the world CLC Day mass and celebration happily experiencing communal aspect of CLC.

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2012 World CLC Day Celebration in Srilanka

The Christian life community is a way of life.  Those who have received Baptism come together and live under the light of Christ and on the guidance of the Holy Spirit also they imitate the way of our Mother Mary.  With that they live as an Apostolic Community.

St.Ignatius of Loyola the founder of the congregation of Jesuits and as well as our patron saint of Trincomalle Batticaloa  diocese in Srilanka. He is  one of the grates man who worked when the church was went down in the 15th century.
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